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home : news : health and wellness August 12, 2022

The Mind-Body Connection: Migraine and Mental Health
(BPT) - When migraine strikes, it can mean days of excruciating head pain combined with nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound for those affected. The World Health Organization considers migraine to be one of the top 10 most disabling illnesses, affecting a significant number of peopl... Read More

Smart eating: Feed your MIND for back to school and beyond
(BPT) - If you haven't heard of the MIND Diet, consider it the greatest hits of foods that support brain health. The MIND (Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay) Diet combines powerful brain-supporting foods of two well-known eating plans, the Mediterranean and DASH diets. Con... Read More

Why Food Is Not Enough: The Role of Supplements
(BPT) - These days, we know more about healthy eating than ever before. But in reality, it's a constant struggle for many of us to consistently consume an optimal diet. Pamela M. Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP, FACSM, one of the Consumers' Research Council of America's top physicians and chair of the Solaray... Read More

The surprisingly powerful cleaning tool that the pros rely on
(BPT) - Do you feel like you're constantly cleaning and it's never enough to stay on top of all the dirt, grime and germs? Do you wonder how professional cleaners get everything so sparkling and fresh in such little time? The trick is to work smarter, not harder, and one of their best-kept secrets ... Read More

Understanding Melanoma [Infographic]
(BPT) - -... Read More

The 4 supplements a registered dietitian says to add to your daily routine ASAP
(BPT) - You know the guidelines: the best way to give your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs is through healthy eating, including consuming lots of fruits and veggies. And while getting vitamins, nutrients and other components from food, such as bioactives to help our bodies perform their be... Read More

It’s camping season! 5 ways to avoid or soothe pesky bug bites and itches
(BPT) - Who doesn't love a family camping trip? We all look forward to that time outdoors when you can hike, swim, roast marshmallows and sleep under the stars. However, one of the biggest challenges for campers is dealing with bug bites and rashes. It's hard to enjoy ghost stories under the stars ... Read More

3 green cleaning product trends with a powerful impact on the planet
(BPT) - You want to change how you clean to be more green, but there is an overwhelming amount of products that claim to be better for the environment. Separating hype from reality can be confusing, but when you look more closely at what's trending, you'll find the best options not only make a diff... Read More

10 ways to reset your routine and build a healthier lifestyle
(BPT) - Life is messy and full of distractions. How many of us planned to go to bed early only to stay up streaming our favorite shows? What about scheduling time to work out, then getting caught up in work and running out of energy? Even when you're highly motivated, it's easy to get sidetracked. ... Read More

Kids with Poor Oral Health Are More Likely to Perform Poorly in School: What Parents and Teachers Can Do About It
(BPT) - By Jessica Buehler, DDS, Director of Dental Affairs for Delta Dental of California and AffiliatesWhen the school year kicks off, there is a lot to think about - school supplies, after-school activities, and meeting new teachers and classmates. With a packed back-to-school schedule, one of t... Read More

A Breast Cancer Diagnosis at Age 36 Inspired this Survivor to Support Others, Advance Research
(BPT) - Sponsored by G1 Therapeutics, Inc. Diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer? You Have OptionsRegina Jones has twice heard the life-changing words, 'It's cancer.' The first time was in 2005 when her mother was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer, a disease which claimed her life, and t... Read More

3 tips to make back-to-school easy for kids and parents
(BPT) - The back-to-school season can be overwhelming for the whole family. While there's excitement about reuniting with friends and starting a new school year, it can be challenging for parents and kids to get back into a solid routine.To help busy parents prepare their children mentally and phys... Read More

7 first-aid kit must-haves for the home — and dorm room
(BPT) - As your family switches over to fall mode, or you send your son or daughter off to college, it's a good idea to make sure you're prepared for the little cuts, scrapes and burns that can happen along the way. One vital step is to create complete first-aid kits for your home, your car(s) - an... Read More

Plan to age in place? 5 tips to help make your home safer
(BPT) - According to the AARP, the number of households headed by people 65 and older will grow to 48 million in the next twenty years, and many of those adults plan to age in place for as long as they can. If you or a loved one want to stay at home as you get older, it's crucial to make the home e... Read More

Make sure your child has all the essentials for a productive school year
(BPT) - As children across the country get ready to head back to the classroom this fall, one important item that shouldn't be forgotten from the to-do list is making sure they have health coverage. Studies have shown that academic performance and health insurance go hand in hand. Children who have... Read More

The American Cowboy and How the Spirit of the West Affects Organ Donation
(BPT) - Long before organ and tissue donation and transplantation were medically possible, there existed the idea of the 'Spirit of the West.' While this expression has no definitive definition, there is a meaning behind the expression that those who live in the western part of the United States ha... Read More

Can brushing your teeth keep you healthy in the hospital?
(BPT) - When life requires a hospital stay, it can be easy to let your oral hygiene routine slip. However, doing so may leave you vulnerable to developing the number one hospital-acquired infection (HAI): pneumonia.Daily brushing not only prevents tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath, but also h... Read More

How design features can bring simplicity and serenity to the bath
(BPT) - During stressful times, the home can become a sanctuary. From soothing color palettes that evoke a sense of calm to high-tech features that make daily tasks feel a bit less strenuous, design choices are crucial in curating serene spaces. This is especially true in the bathroom - the room wh... Read More

Are you at risk for bladder cancer?
(BPT) - As you get older, your body and health change, but this doesn't mean every change you experience is a normal part of aging. Consider your visits to the bathroom, for example. If you or a loved one is over the age of 70 and has been experiencing changes in urination, it might be time to spea... Read More

5 tips to get your best sleep ever this school year
(BPT) - It can be easy to forget about the importance of getting quality sleep during the summer. Between vacations, summer programs, holidays and familial commitments, you might find that you aren't sleeping as well as you did during the school year.Don't wait until fall to get back on track with ... Read More

Feeling down about thin or shedding hair? Simple steps to healthier, fuller locks
(BPT) - Hair is an important part of your personal style every day and when a special event is approaching, such as a wedding, reunion or big birthday, it can help you look and feel your best. If you're experiencing thinning hair or hair loss, it's important to know you're not alone. There are some... Read More

Living With Psoriatic Arthritis? Tips to Manage Your Symptoms
(BPT) - Sponsored by JanssenImagine finding simple tasks, such as getting out of bed, dressing yourself or turning a faucet on and off, difficult to do because they're too painful.1 That's what a typical day can feel like for people living with active psoriatic arthritis (PsA). About 1.5 million Am... Read More

Breaking all the rules: Finding success in healthcare marketing
(BPT) - It's a well-known rule in marketing that if you're a healthcare company you need to work with an advertising agency that lives and breathes healthcare.But rules are made to be broken, and LevLane, a dark horse, full-service agency in Philadelphia, is showing that maybe that well-worn path s... Read More

Make safety a priority with a storm and disaster preparedness plan
(BPT) - Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and snowstorms can occur at any time, so preparing ahead is key. However, a study by the Federal Emergency Management Agency found that only 44% of Americans are prepared for an unexpected natural disaster.'Unfortunately, severe weathe... Read More

Set Your Sights on Better Vision with the Latest in Eye Tech
(BPT) - We optimize everything - sleep, exercise, nutrition - why not our vision? You may not even realize how much clearer, brighter and more vibrant the world can be until you visit your eye doctor. Whether you already wear glasses or contact lenses or are simply far overdue for an eye exam, it's... Read More

Back-to-school quiz for parents: Put your vaccination knowledge to the test
(BPT) - It's that time of year: Kids are squeezing in the last seconds of summer, and parents are working hard to make sure the first days back at school go off without a hitch. Once kids return to the classroom, it's important to remember that their brains aren't the only things that will be put t... Read More

Intimacy is Key to a Healthy Relationship
(BPT) - Vaginal health tends to be a taboo topic, but vaginal health issues are surprisingly common, affecting most women at some point in their lives. In fact, more than half of all women will experience vaginal atrophy or dryness. Yet, there hasn't been enough focus on women's intimate health iss... Read More

Back to school: How parents can help kids with allergies and asthma
(BPT) - The weeks before school begins are busy for families - full of shopping for supplies and getting ready for the change in routines. Prior to school getting under way is an ideal time to review your child's needs for coping with allergies and asthma. Keep in mind their needs may change as the... Read More

Recent Meningitis Cases in Florida: What to Know
(BPT) - Sponsored by GSKA concurrent outbreak and cluster of meningitis cases have led to at least 44 cases across the state of Florida. While cases in the outbreak have appeared primarily among members of the men who have sex with men community and the cluster of cases among college students at on... Read More

How much does a funeral cost?
(BPT) - When a death occurs, it's normal to wonder - and even worry - about the expense of memorializing a loved one, even though we are grieving. The costs of goods and services are making headlines every day recently. But, like planning a wedding or building a house, funeral costs include many va... Read More

5 sweet reasons Northwest cherries are summer’s best grab-and-go snack
(BPT) - Summer is in full swing, and this year the season is truly one to celebrate as communities return to many favorite festivals, traditions and pastimes. Whether sending the kids off to day camps, reuniting with family over epic barbecues or simply soaking in the sun at outdoor music festivals... Read More

Living with myasthenia gravis (MG)? Clinical trial seeking participants for new study
(BPT) - The human body is made up of voluntary and involuntary muscles. Involuntary muscles are those that cannot be controlled at will, like the beating of a heart. Voluntary muscles are those that you can consciously control - the opening and closing of your hand for example. Most of us take the ... Read More

Get Control of Acne Breakouts with a Revolutionary First-of-Its-Kind Treatment
(BPT) - Did you know that breakouts can start long before the anxiety of middle school? In fact, people can get acne at almost any age, and it affects both males and females alike. The causes of acne can range from heredity to stress and diet, but most doctors point to hormones as the main culprit.... Read More

6 facts about hearing loss and how a new adaptive device can help
(BPT) - When you think of hearing loss, you likely picture a senior wearing a hearing aid. However, hearing loss can happen to anyone at any age. You may have already experienced hearing loss and not even recognized it.Hearing loss happens gradually, usually as people age, though exposure to loud n... Read More

Are employee ownership programs the future of corporate America?
(BPT) - It's no secret it's a job seekers market. Many people are open to new work and employers are vying to attract the best talent. This gives job seekers more options than ever to find positions where they'll get the best benefits and be happy long-term.While salary is a core component of an em... Read More

Exercise boredom? Tips to hit refresh on your fitness routine
(BPT) - With summer in full swing, it's time to enjoy more sunshine, warmer temperatures, and extra time with family and friends outdoors. Yet, with so many vacations and barbecues on the books, it's easy to take a detour from your fitness goals and resolutions (remember those?) for those more 'fun... Read More

Create a plan: Working with a doctor to help manage a chronic inflammatory condition
(BPT) - Content sponsored and provided by Pfizer. Stephanie partnered with Pfizer to share her experience living with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis (UC).Stephanie couldn't wait to start her first job as a dog groomer. However, her career plans changed during a family vacation to Lake Tahoe.... Read More

Why is no one talking about the side effects of over-the-counter melatonin?
(BPT) - Do you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep? Do you wake up and still feel tired? Quality sleep is essential to every aspect of well-being, yet many Americans are plagued by troubles getting the deep sleep they need to feel their best. What's worse, many people are reaching for co... Read More

Emerging Treatments for Brain Cancer
(BPT) - Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most common, complex, treatment-resistant and deadliest type of brain cancer with 13,400 new cases diagnosed in the U.S. each year. On GBM Awareness Day on July 20, it's important to raise public awareness of this devastating disease and honor individuals who have ... Read More

New treatment options for sickle cell disease provide hope
(BPT) - Imagine constantly feeling dizzy, tired and out of breath. Imagine having episodes of pain so bad that you can't drive or work. Imagine learning that the cause of these symptoms is that your red blood cells are shaped differently, meaning they die earlier and cause you to experience a multi... Read More

Navigating life with interstitial lung disease: How to be your own advocate
(BPT) - A diagnosis of interstitial lung disease can be devastating. This group of rare lung diseases is characterized by scarring and/or inflammation of the lungs causing lung damage that may worsen as the disease progresses.Journey to DiagnosisPatty was no stranger to interstitial lung disease wh... Read More

Want a simplified morning routine that sets the stage for school success?
(BPT) - No matter what grade your kids are in, a new school year comes with optimism and opportunity. Everyone is excited for what the year will bring, until the first early alarm goes off and it's time to get ready for school. Suddenly that joy becomes complaints as they beg for just one more minu... Read More

Simple pest control steps to take at home before calling an exterminator
(BPT) - Home is where the heart is, and you strive to make it a welcoming place. Whether you're just moving in or you've been living in your house for decades, bugs can become a concern at any time - even in brand-new builds. The moment you notice ants, roaches and other pests, it's time to act and... Read More

6 Tips from a Caregiver of a Child with Peanut Allergy: How to Handle Travel, Camp, Sports, Birthdays and Other Moments That Matter
(BPT) - While many of us may know someone living with peanut allergy, what most of us may not know is how much it can impact daily life and key moments that we often take for granted. Peanut allergy can be a lifelong condition, and reactions to peanut can range from mild to potentially life-threate... Read More

Outdoor workouts? A three-time Paralympic athlete offers her best tips for training
(BPT) - Whether your outdoor activity of choice involves walking, running, cycling or playing games with friends and family, getting outside to move the body comes with many benefits. From a boost of Vitamin D from the sun and breathing in the fresh air, to enjoying the sights and sounds that can o... Read More

Heading outdoors with your family? These expert tips help you get more out of your outdoor moments
(BPT) - People are enjoying the outdoors in record numbers - whether they're adventure-seeking outdoor enthusiasts, casual hikers, or families looking for more time to discover the outside world. Enjoying Mother Nature has countless benefits for people of all ages, like encouraging healthy habits w... Read More

How a scientific innovation is helping family historians uncover their ethnicity inheritance
(BPT) - Are you your family's resident genealogist? If you are or are just starting your family history research, you are part of a popular and growing hobby. While many Americans don't know much about their genealogy, according to a survey by Ancestry®, 66% are eager and want to know more.... Read More

Trust-based philanthropy has the power to transform how foundations fund nonprofits
(BPT) - When nonprofits receive grants from foundations or funders, the application, rules and reporting process are often arduous. Historically, the power dynamic leans heavily toward those providing the money, and because nonprofits need funds to do the good work they do, they have no other choic... Read More

A Hollywood ending: How one woman took control of her rare disease and achieved her dream
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Family vacation soon? These simple safety steps can help avoid an ER trip
(BPT) - Whether you're traveling near or far, vacations can be a fun and relaxing time for families. However, people who are traveling with small children need to think about dangers that they may not have to consider while at home. When parents and caregivers take a few safety steps wherever they'... Read More

How one woman became her own health advocate amid ovarian cancer
(BPT) - Sponsored by GSKDespite ovarian cancer striking all races at similar rates, Black Americans are 20% more likely to receive a late-stage diagnosis1 and 30% more likely to die from the disease than white Americans.2 The reasons are complex - a mix of biological, environmental and social facto... Read More

Addressing the unmet needs of the immunocompromised as COVID-19 restrictions ease
(BPT) - While COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease across the country and the pandemic begins to subside for many, a group of people remain 'left behind.' Despite the battle to bolster immunity and prevent severe illness or death from COVID-19, many immunocompromised individuals remain insufficie... Read More

Game, set, match: How to play like a real tennis star
(BPT) - Are you excited to watch the 2022 tennis championships in England? Do you wish you could experience what it would be like to compete in a professional tennis championship? Now you can from the comfort of your own home or on the go with Matchpoint - Tennis Championships by Kalypso Media.The ... Read More

USDA detector dog program seeks donations of a few good sniffers
(BPT) - Every year, nearly 400,000 shelter dogs are euthanized because of overcrowding and the inability to find them a fur-ever home. Now, thanks to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal Plant Health Inspection Services' (APHIS) Detector Dog program, many of these pound puppies can have a ne... Read More

Must-know natural skin care ingredients that provide powerful after-sun care
(BPT) - Warm breezes and long, sunny days beckon people of all ages outdoors. Being in Mother Nature has numerous benefits, including a positive boost to mental wellness. After your time outside, you need to make sure you care for your skin, a regimen to look as good as you feel. Fortunately, natur... Read More

5 essential items for parents expecting a new baby
(BPT) - If you're expecting a new family member, you probably have lots of things on your to-do list, including that all-important list of baby supplies and equipment. But do you really need all this stuff? While everyone's parenting journey is different, there are some items most parents consider ... Read More

Eat well this summer with stress-free strategies from the experts
(BPT) - Summer is an amazing time to enjoy new activities, such as traveling to unfamiliar destinations or exploring a new outdoor hobby. Luckily, fueling up for your summer fun doesn't need to work against your nutritional goals. Nutritional experts advise sticking to a few simple strategies to gu... Read More

What Is Your Period Telling You? Key Facts for Fibroid Awareness Month
(BPT) - This content is sponsored and provided by Myovant Sciences and Pfizer Inc.Menstruation (your period) is a normal and necessary process for the human body - yet stigma around menstruation remains common. While it's a completely natural and well-known process, menstruators often feel embarras... Read More

Guide for your best and most beautiful summer yet! [Video]
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5 ways water can help you look and feel better this summer
(BPT) - From beaches and pools to drinking fountains and splash pads, water is synonymous with summer. As North Americans head into the summer months water can play an important role in helping us look and feel better all season long.'Water's benefits are virtually endless from its known impact on ... Read More

Simple steps for planning a memorable Fourth of July barbecue
(BPT) - Summer is full of adventure, celebration and fun. With Fourth of July just around the corner, you're probably getting excited for the largest grill-out day of the season. With a few simple steps you can have a barbecue that is fun for all ages, with activities and food everyone will enjoy.F... Read More

Road trip 101: 5 must-have items when traveling with toddlers
(BPT) - Any parent who's spent time on the road with young kids understands the challenges involved. After all, toddlers aren't known for their patience, emotional stability or ability to deal with the changes in routine that can occur on long car rides. According to a recent study from kids' bever... Read More

How three people treated their chronic spontaneous hives with no known cause
(BPT) - Paid Story by Genentech and NovartisFor Robin, the itchiness started on her scalp and the back of her neck. Suspecting that she had hives, she saw a dermatologist, who prescribed a topical medication. Unfortunately, it didn't help Robin's symptoms and it would be two months before she had a... Read More

What you need to know about a meningococcal disease outbreak in Florida
(BPT) - There is an outbreak of meningococcal disease in Florida, primarily among gay and bisexual men. Since December 2021, there have been at least 24 cases and 6 deaths among gay and bisexual men, making it one of the worst outbreaks of meningococcal disease among this population in U.S. history... Read More

Tips to Relax, Regroup, and Renew [Video]
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Celebrity Chef & TV Personality, Chef Yisus Brings You Easy, Flavorful Recipes this Summer Grilling Season!
(BPT) - Summer is officially here, which means it's time to break out the grill and have a backyard BBQ! Cookouts are a popular pastime in the U.S. and with 4th of July just around the corner, you'll want to make sure you're prepared to grill for the big day! To kick off the summer grilling festivi... Read More

The Importance of Speaking Up: One Woman’s Journey to Chronic Heart Failure Diagnosis
(BPT) - Despite having asthma, Nichole Steward (pictured, right) considered herself a typical 39-­year-­old living an active life, frequently visiting the beach and participating in roller derby. Though she was surprised when she began experiencing heart palpitations, shortness of b... Read More

Don't get burned by your summer fun with these grill and fire safety tips
(BPT) - From grilling at the park to having a bonfire in the backyard, outdoor cooking is a quintessential summer activity. While these different cooking methods produce tasty foods - from burgers to s'mores and beyond - they also can cause burns if you're not cautious. To avoid summer food-making ... Read More

Day-Time and Night-Time Tips to Being Your BestSlept Self
(BPT) - Summer is an active time when schools let out for vacation, travel and social plans heat up, and daily routines can be quick to change - all of which can disrupt consistent sleep practices and start patterns, challenging healthy sleep. How do you enjoy the long days of summer while still pr... Read More

As children catch up on summer fun, catch them up on their routine vaccines
(BPT) - For kids, summertime comes with a lot of pent-up excitement. It's that time of year when kids can get out, take a break, try something new and make lifelong memories. It's the return of favorite summer activities, like riding bikes through the neighborhood, swinging at the playground for ho... Read More

Living with vitiligo: An autoimmune condition
Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. var bptVideoPlayer = document.getElementById("bptVideoPlayer"); if (bptVideoPlayer) { var cssText = "width: 100%;"; cssText += " background: url('" + bptVideoPlayer.getAttribute("poster") + "');"; cssText += " -webkit-backgrou... Read More

Proper tire maintenance can help you stay safe, manage inflation and care for Mother Earth
(BPT) - When you think about the safety features on your car, seatbelts and airbags likely come to mind. While most people understand the lifesaving value of these devices, many are unaware of another important component of your car essential to safety: your tires.Modern tires are carefully designe... Read More

Help for older adults on a budget may be a few clicks away
(BPT) - Food and gas prices continue to rise, on top of record-high housing costs in many cities across the U.S. If you're an older adult who is already living on a tight budget, today's inflation can be particularly difficult. Fortunately, there are programs available that can help you save money ... Read More

Revolutionary laser treatment for acne makes clear skin a reality for all skin types
(BPT) - National Acne Awareness Month comes around every June, but this year promises to offer acne sufferers an exciting new option to get clear skin.According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), acne is the most common skin condition in the U.S., affecting 40-50 million people.[1] 85% o... Read More

Looking for healthy summer activities? We have some ideas — including how to help protect yourself against pneumococcal pneumonia
(BPT) - With the arrival of summer, we can start to think about what makes the season special: time at the beach or by the water, enjoying the warmth with friends and family and - above all - being able to spend a lot of time outside.And, as we all have our own health priorities, we also need to th... Read More

Genetic testing can help find the optimal medication for each individual [Infographic]
(BPT) - Sometimes medications that work for some have adverse effects for others, and finding the right treatment can become a diagnostic odyssey, wasting both time and money. Pharmacogenomics (PGx) is the understanding of how genes impact response to medications. PGx helps to take the guesswork ou... Read More

How to host a healthful summertime gathering
(BPT) - As the sun starts to shine brighter and the warmer weather invites us to gather with friends and family, it's important to continue prioritizing our health and wellness throughout the season. One way to do so? Serving good-for-you foods when spending time with loved ones. Registered dietiti... Read More

Benefits of taking aspirin and the main reasons people take it
(BPT) - There is no more familiar item in your medicine cabinet than a bottle of aspirin. Aspirin has been sold for over a century as an over-the-counter medication and millions of people take it. Aspirin is used to help treat pain associated with headaches and arthritis, and for fever reduction.Pe... Read More

Living with narcolepsy: How Kristen found a name for her condition — and her path forward
(BPT) - Kristen had experienced extreme daytime sleepiness for as long as she could remember. She noticed it the most in the afternoons, especially when sitting in long meetings at work. Her extreme sleepiness made many aspects of her life more challenging.Kristen had unknowingly been living with n... Read More

5 allergy and asthma myths debunked and how to have a healthier home
(BPT) - Allergies and asthma are serious public health concerns. In the U.S., approximately 25 million people live with asthma, and more than 50 million people experience various types of allergies each year, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). While many people have a... Read More

Being your own best advocate while living with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis
(BPT) - Sponsored by PfizerLiving with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis (AD) - also known as eczema - can be challenging.[1] In addition to having the physical burden that includes flare-ups of red, itchy, painful skin, there is also the emotional and social impact.[2],[3],[4],[5] Those living ... Read More

Aspirin Still Recommended to Help Prevent Another Heart Attack or Ischemic Stroke
(BPT) - Aspirin is one of the most common, useful, and effective over-the-counter medicines in the world and has been trusted by physicians for more than 120 years but more and more people are confused when it comes to appropriate usage. This confusion is a result of recent media coverage around th... Read More

Men under the influence of women are more likely to take better care of their health
(BPT) - Men are notorious for avoiding the doctor and ignoring warning signs when it comes to their health. New research confirms this isn't just a myth with 2 in 5 men saying they've put off seeing a doctor until their symptoms were urgent and 1 in 3 men avoiding the doctor altogether out of fear ... Read More

Why wellness travel is the year's top vacation trend
(BPT) - You're dreaming of a vacation where you can have fun while being healthy. You want to travel somewhere equal parts exciting and relaxing. You want meaningful experiences that inspire you to live your best life. And you are not alone, which is why wellness travel is experiencing huge interes... Read More

5 ways to turn your home into your personal oasis this summer
(BPT) - Summer is here, and people are getting out of the house - hanging by the pool, at the beach or in parks - to enjoy the warm weather. All that time outside is fun, but you don't want to go back to a hot, stuffy home when you're ready to cool off.Your home should be your retreat from the summ... Read More

Did you know there are 3 types of sweat, and 1 smells the worst?
(BPT) - Whether it's a hot day, you're hitting the gym or you're preparing for an upcoming presentation, many different things can cause you to sweat. Did you know there are different kinds of sweat and one type smells worse than the others?"There are millions of sweat glands all over your body. Al... Read More

3 ways to keep your bones healthy and strong
(BPT) - It's never too early (or too late) to take care of your bones. After all, your bones are the supporting structure that allow you to move every day and they protect your vital organs. According to the National Institutes of Health, bones store minerals, namely calcium and phosphorous, for la... Read More

Style tips and secret tricks for staying fresh this summer
(BPT) - From beach days to girls getaways, the warm weather of summer provides opportunities to spend more time outdoors doing the activities you love. However, as you're making the most of the sunshine and warm breezes, you may notice you're not feeling as fresh as you normally do. The heat of the... Read More

What men really need for Father’s Day is a reminder to take better care of their health
(BPT) - By Jeramy Tipton, senior vice president, Aflac Distribution Expansion and Consumer MarketsGrills, gadgets and corny T-shirts line the shelves in anticipation of Father's Day, but a recent study found there's one gift men of all ages need more than a tie or spatula. According to the Aflac Me... Read More

Entered a coverage gap? Don’t compromise your health by skipping blood thinners
(BPT) - Navigating insurance coverage, especially with recent changes to prescription drug plans, can be confusing and stressful. This may be true because of increasing out-of-pocket medical costs.A 2017 Agency for Health Care Quality (AHCQ) study found that 11.5% of low-income adults with 2 or mor... Read More

6 ways genetic testing could make a difference for people with kidney disease
(BPT) - Did you know chronic kidney disease (CKD) affects an estimated 37 million adults in the United States? Even more surprising, 90% of people in early stage CKD are unaware that they have the disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Between 10-30% of CKD case... Read More

3 healthy recipes featuring summer citrus fruit
(BPT) - Refreshing, delicious and versatile, citrus is a quintessential flavor of summertime. If you're looking to enhance and add new depth to your meals and snacks, there's no shortage of options with these three varieties: lemons, grapefruits and Valencia oranges.Lemons truly are a year-round cl... Read More

5 expert tips to help you grill outside the lines this summer
(BPT) - The arrival of summer brings so much to look forward to: warmer weather, longer days - and the great taste of food right off your grill. And you don't need a special occasion to fire it up. In recently conducted Honeysuckle White research, 85% of respondents decide to grill or smoke because... Read More

Want a versatile protein for the grill? Turkey is the answer
(BPT) - Summer gatherings are in full swing, and there are 99 days starting with Memorial Day through Labor Day, where sunshine and pleasant breezes draw people together to celebrate outdoors for many different reasons. It's time to fire up the grill and enjoy the beautiful weather.When surveyed ab... Read More

Smart homes make life easier, but are they keeping you safe?
(BPT) - Homes in the United States continue to get smarter as many people frequently use voice assistants, smart doorbells, smart appliances and more to make life easier. Now, as the smart home evolution continues, homeowners want more than just convenience - they want smart devices that help keep ... Read More

Go Natural: 6 Must-Have Essentials for the Summer Season
(BPT) - With summer upon us, it's time to stock up on essentials like deodorant, sun protection and toothpaste for that bright smile. And if you want truly natural personal care products with ingredients that are safe and effective, then it is important to do some research before you buy. Look for ... Read More

4 must-haves for your campus living checklist
(BPT) - If you're headed to campus in the fall, summertime means planning, packing and collaborating on your living space for the school year ahead. Whether you're moving into a first-year dorm on campus or sharing an apartment or house with your closest friends, making sure you have what you need ... Read More

How much do you know about pneumococcal pneumonia - and when you can catch it?
(BPT) - Pneumococcal pneumonia is a potentially serious bacterial lung disease that can disrupt your life for weeks.... Read More

Feel a sharp pain in your side? It could be a kidney stone
(BPT) - As the weather starts to warm up, it's good to stay hydrated to keep your kidneys healthy and reduce your risk of developing stones. According to the Mayo Clinic, heat, humidity and dehydration can lead to increased incidences of kidney stones during summer. These stones can cause sharp pai... Read More

School’s Out: 5 Ways You Can Help Your Children Have An “Ecz-ellent” Summer
(BPT) - Pencils are down, and summer is here! Many children look forward to attending summer camp, but for children with eczema, camp activities can be overshadowed by the stress of managing symptoms in the summer heat, when sweat and sun can trigger symptoms. Children's e-book My ECZ-ellent Day at... Read More

An eco-friendly personal care routine is easier than you think
(BPT) - You want the best for yourself and the world around you. That's why you're starting to consider simple steps you can take in your personal care routine for a better you and a better Earth. Fortunately, small changes that are easy to make can have a big impact, for your health and well-being... Read More

Study Available For Adults Living With Someone Recently Diagnosed With COVID-19
(BPT) - In the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, there continue to be surges in cases in parts of the United States.Many of these cases may occur when people catch the virus in their communities, and bring it home, where it can spread to other members of their household. Some doctors are current... Read More

Newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis? Talk to your doctor about your whole health
(BPT) - If you've been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), it's common to feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next.1 With an ever-changing disease like MS, everyone's personal experience is different, so it's important to be open and honest with your doctor about your MS symptoms and how ... Read More

Get a head start on a healthy future for your puppy or kitten with these expert tips
(BPT) - Getting a new pet is like bringing home a new member of the family. Anticipation, excitement and joy are just a few of the many emotions you may feel when you bring home a new puppy or kitten. The first year of a puppy and kitten's life is a busy developmental period, both physically and me... Read More

Follow these steps to protect your family from threats that can occur after a storm
(BPT) - Hurricane season begins in June, but millions across the country have already experienced severe weather this year, including thunderstorms and tornadoes. These storms will continue in various areas of the U.S. throughout the summer and into the fall. Safeguarding your family from an approa... Read More

Former news anchor shares epilepsy journey [Video]
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Make your travels CO-safe
(BPT) - Safety while traveling is just as important as it is at home. Whether heading to the beach or a cool mountain retreat, travelers far and wide are seeking relaxation and a chance to make memories and enjoy new experiences. Some simple precautions can help ensure your destination is as safe a... Read More

5 Reasons Diets Fail and How to Finally Win Your Weight-Loss Battle
(BPT) - How many times in your life have you started a diet? If you're one of the 45 million Americans who try to diet each year, you will not be surprised to learn that most people only stick with a diet for 6 months or less, and then the weight returns. In fact, two out of five people on a diet q... Read More

Boost baby's brain development with 3 key prenatal nutrients
(BPT) - As exciting as a new pregnancy can be, it can also be equally as overwhelming. There is a lot to be done in only nine months' time. To set your baby up for success, doctors recommend taking a prenatal vitamin supplement daily to help with the development of your baby's body and brain. While... Read More

Investigational vaccine targeting CMV, the #1 infectious cause of birth defects in the U.S.
(BPT) - Whether you're planning to become a first-time mom, or you've been around the baby block before and are ready to expand your family again, everyone has the same priority: to have a healthy child. That's why it's important to learn that one of the most common causes of birth defects in the U... Read More

Why the Key to Stopping Your Migraine Attack May Be Right Under Your Nose
(BPT) - When a migraine hits, your life screeches to a halt. You want relief fast and consider taking your prescription pills, but you don't think you can keep them down. Your nausea is overwhelming, and your stomach is too sensitive right now. What other options are there? Fortunately, the answer ... Read More

World Hypoparathyroidism Awareness Day: What One Organization is Doing to Improve the Lives of Patients and Caregivers
(BPT) - Each year, June 1 marks World Hypoparathyroidism Awareness Day, a global event celebrated every year to bring awareness to this rare disease that affects more than 100,000 people (according to the National Organization for Rare Disorders) in the United States.Hypoparathyroidism may occur af... Read More

Looking to tighten your belt? 3 ways to save on food, gas and vision
(BPT) - If you've found that your expenses are going up each month, you're not alone. Inflation in the U.S. has hit an all-time high in 40 years to 8.5% over the last 12 months. That means that the average American household is spending an extra $296.45 per month because of inflation, according to ... Read More

Bidets: The must-have luxury in your bath remodel
(BPT) - The arrival of warmer weather gets many homeowners in the mood to change things up. The bathroom is a perfect place to direct that energy because that's where renewal takes place each day. From your morning routine to your evening wind-down, turning the bath into a luxurious spa-like space ... Read More

10 tips for getting outside to ease your mind
(BPT) - Physical activity and time outside are two wonderful gifts for your body and mind; they're proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and offer a greater sense of well-being. L.L.Bean recently partnered with Mental Health America to share 10 ways getting outside can boost your energy, mood and st... Read More

The Hidden Cost of Debt on Your Mental Health and Tips to Overcome
(BPT) - One of the biggest factors impacting mental health is the burden of debt. The Hidden Cost of Debt survey by National Debt Relief revealed that 70% of people believe that debt makes them feel like a black cloud hangs over them, in addition to one-in-three people reporting debt has led to an ... Read More

LGBTQIA+ Community Celebrates PRIDE Month, and Still in Need of Health Care Allies
(BPT) - June is PRIDE Month. It's a time to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community, reflect on how far society has come and look to the future on work to be done. PRIDE, which stands for "Personal Rights in Defense and Education," is celebrated with parades, special events and commemorations of the 1969 ... Read More

Staying socially active may enrich mental fitness
(BPT) - When you think about exercise, you likely think about the physical health benefits of working out. Many people exercise regularly to lose or maintain weight, improve muscle tone and strength or increase flexibility.For seniors, physical activity can help them stay mobile and, as a result, s... Read More

5 Ways to Boost Your Brain Health
(BPT) - As the control center for the body, keeping our brains healthy is important. While intellectual exercises, games, and brain teasers can provide a mental 'workout,' taking care of other systems within the body is critical to keeping our brains in shape. Best of all, you're probably doing man... Read More

DIY Ideas, Products and Inspiration to Upgrade Your Home [Video]
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Discoveries in Immunology Today Will Soon Lead to Advanced Treatments for COVID, Cancer [Video]
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Protect your vision with 7 habits for healthy retinas
(BPT) - Habits that support a healthy lifestyle come in many forms, like eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and keeping an eye on blood pressure and cholesterol levels. But did you know these and other healthy habits can also protect you from vision loss?Some of the leading causes of blin... Read More

Next Time You Travel, Leave Migraine at Home
(BPT) - Migraine attacks get in the way of what's important. They can disrupt everyday life and pop up during vacation, a time that should be enjoyable. Tomeka Cherry, a social media influencer and travel enthusiast, is always on the go. But over the years travel and the associated planning has bec... Read More

Tips for managing and minimizing stress
(BPT) - Americans experience varying levels of stress for a wide variety of reasons and many struggle to find healthy ways to manage. Minimizing occasional stress is important as it can affect overall health and well-being. Stress can feel overwhelming at times but setting aside time to unwind each... Read More

988 is a great start, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg
(BPT) - By Colin LeClairYou're walking to your neighborhood corner store when you see it: a man across the street is grabbing his left arm and keeled over on the sidewalk. You immediately call 911, speak to someone on the line and within minutes the paramedics are on the scene performing emergency ... Read More

Worried about power outages? These 5 tips can help you feel prepared
(BPT) - While you may enjoy warmer temperatures, summer weather also brings dangerous storms. Scientists at Colorado State University predict at least 19 named tropical storms and nine hurricanes this year, while AccuWeather is forecasting an above-average tornado season. These unpredictable events... Read More

5 tips to maintain healthy feet for better mobility
(BPT) - Did you know that there are 28 bones in the foot? These bones, along with more than 30 joints, allow for a wide range of movements, including standing, walking, stretching, jogging and more. It's easy to take foot health for granted when everything feels great, but the moment something is w... Read More

Investigational Treatment May Help Adult Cigarette Smokers Who Want to Quit
(BPT) - Have you, or someone you know, tried to quit smoking cigarettes unsuccessfully? If so, you're not alone. Research from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found that 70% of adult cigarette smokers in the United States wanted to quit, yet only 7% are successful in doing so.[1] While there'... Read More

5 positive ways older adults can enjoy a balanced lifestyle
(BPT) - As you age, it may be challenging to keep your life feeling both balanced and positive. For example, keeping up with your own health and nutrition, changes to your professional career, and spending time with friends and family can all lead to stress, which may have a negative impact on your... Read More

The rewards of family caregiving and how to make the most of it
(BPT) - If you're one of the 53 million Americans who are caregivers for a relative or friend, you already know it's a challenging job that often goes unrecognized. But you also know something others may not: Caring for a friend or family member can be one of the most rewarding things you've ever d... Read More

CRNAs provide patients with continuous, compassionate care
(BPT) - When patients hear that they'll need anesthesia to undergo surgery or a procedure, they'll likely start to worry. According to a study by the National Institutes of Health, 88% percent of patients experience preanesthetic fear and in some cases that fear even causes anxious patients to canc... Read More

The truth about retinol confirmed by a dermatologist
(BPT) - Retinol is often praised as a holy grail of a skincare ingredient, but there's a lot of confusion about the best ways to use retinol for maximum effectiveness without irritation. Understanding retinol better and having common questions answered can help you use this ingredient so your skin ... Read More

Ready to walk down the aisle? Beauty tips for everyone in the wedding party
(BPT) - There are many moving pieces and details involved with planning a wedding, and while the happy couple runs the show, the wedding party also has responsibilities and is in the spotlight.That's why it's so important to start planning beauty routines and treatments ahead of time to ensure that... Read More

Feeling stressed? 3 ways to support mental health at home
(BPT) - It's easy to get overwhelmed as you go about your day. Between work, school, errands and extracurricular activities, there are plenty of things that can cause physical and mental stress. That's why it's so important that your home is a haven for your family.One strategy you can use to start... Read More

Help your pup live their healthiest life by learning how to prevent Lyme disease
(BPT) - Your dog is a part of your family and that means their health and wellbeing, including preventing parasitic diseases like Lyme and heartworm, is a priority. Lyme disease is one of the most common tick-borne illnesses transmitted to dogs, and data shows that it is a growing threat to dogs in... Read More

The National Paralysis Resource Center celebrates 20 years of providing life-changing resources
(BPT) - Dealing with a spinal cord injury is devastating. Facing isolation and lack of information makes an already difficult situation even more challenging. Fortunately, one organization is striving to make a difference by providing free resources to help individuals and their families navigate l... Read More

Reaching New Heights in Relief from Painful Diabetic Neuropathy with High-Frequency Spinal Cord Stimulation
(BPT) - By David Caraway, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer of Nevro Corp.A diabetes diagnosis can feel like taking on a round-the-clock job - from which you receive no benefits, vacations, or breaks. Managing diabetes can take an enormous physical, mental, social, and financial toll. For people w... Read More

Psoriasis Patient’s Story Offers Hope for Those Struggling with Symptoms
(BPT) - Six years ago, 65-year-old grandmother and storyteller Nancy reached her breaking point. A full-time caregiver to her mother who was in hospice care, she began noticing an uncomfortable rash on her chest. After her mother passed away, her symptoms became severe and painful. Rashes and flake... Read More

Trading skepticism for support: How parents can support kids with thinking and learning differences
(BPT) - One in five kids - nearly 70 million Americans - have learning or thinking differences (LTDs), like ADHD or dyslexia. While LTDs are common among families, friends, neighbors and peers, new research from, a guide and resource for people with LTDs, finds that there are still h... Read More

Older Americans Month: Am I too old to be an organ, eye and tissue donor?
(BPT) - May is Older Americans Month, a time to celebrate older Americans and their contributions while also raising awareness about aging and age-related issues. Beyond the time, experience and talents older Americans give to enrich their communities, many have also saved lives through organ, eye ... Read More

A New In Silico Study Finds Nitric Oxide Supplement May Increase Vitamin D Production and Bioavailability
(BPT) - A recent in silico analysis has found that supplement-induced bioproduction of endothelial nitric oxide may also increase the endogenous production, bioavailability, and efficacy of vitamin D3. These findings are the work product of a Connecticut-based biotechnology company, Emergent System... Read More

The unexpected emotional burden of vision loss from geographic atrophy
(BPT) - Liz Tully loved to read. In addition to reading for her own pleasure, she enjoyed helping others and would regularly meet up with a friend to read the newspaper out loud because he could no longer read it himself. Then, in her early 60s, something changed.As she read the newspaper to her fr... Read More

Reach your body goals with the fastest non-invasive body sculpting treatment
(BPT) - Squats, planks, crunches, and cardio, leg days, keto, and fad diets, who has time to keep up? It's no question that achieving your body goals can be overwhelming and time-consuming. It can be a challenge for most to find the right fitness and health habits that work with your schedule as yo... Read More

5 ways families can make the most of their outdoor space this summer
(BPT) - Are your kids getting enough time outside? A survey commissioned by the makers of Claritin® of 5,000 American parents of children aged 5-13 found that 81% agreed their children are excited to be outside - yet 55% are worried their kids aren't spending enough time outside.Getting out... Read More

How movement can spark connections and help manage osteoarthritis pain
(BPT) - If you're coping with pain, such as joint pain caused by osteoarthritis (OA), you may feel like you've been sitting out on life. Pain can make you reluctant to participate in activities that you enjoy and miss out on connecting with those you love. But experts will tell you that if you can ... Read More

Pure Foundation Fund Opens Nominations to Honor Heroes in Maternal and Infant Care
(BPT) - Moms and their babies need support throughout their health journey. Access to quality maternal and infant care is crucial to helping ensure positive health outcomes for both mom and baby.According to the WHO, 'Skilled care before, during and after childbirth can save the lives of women and ... Read More

Do you know what’s in your water? 10 reasons why water quality matters
(BPT) - Water is one of the most essential resources on the planet. Whether you know it or not, almost everything you do, use or consume relies on water. Simply having access to water isn't enough. The quality of your water matters - it impacts the quality of everything it goes into.Take a minute t... Read More

Mind and body self-care: How to heal mentally and physically
(BPT) - Everyone has physical scars. Maybe it's a scrape from a childhood stumble or a burn from cooking a special meal. Some scars come from body changes or physical conditions, such as acne scars, while others might be from serious events, like a surgery or an accident.It's not uncommon for peopl... Read More

Staying Focused On Your Adolescent’s Health
(BPT) - Sponsored by Merck & Co., Inc.Stay-at-home guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic has kept many people behind doors for more than a year, but it is important that parents continue to focus on ways they can help protect their adolescent's physical and emotional well-being.Pediatrician Dr.... Read More

3 key ways to prepare your home for an extra-long pollen season
(BPT) - Warm weather brings people outdoors where they are greeted with sunshine and breezes, as well as allergens like tree, grass and weed pollen. This is a big problem if you have allergies or asthma, and to make matters worse, research shows allergy season is starting earlier and lasting longer... Read More

Four Truths that Will Change the Way You Think about Teens Experiencing Foster Care
(BPT) - There are more than 150,000 teenagers experiencing foster care today in the United States. These teens are like any teenager - each with their own unique dreams, passions, personality and potential for the future.Being a teenager can be a bumpy road for everyone. But the difference for teen... Read More

Taking back control from disease
(BPT) - Breaking up is never easy, but often it's necessary. For some, it might be ending a romantic relationship that's not working or a friendship that no longer serves you. For others, it could be regaining power from a debilitating health condition that takes a major physical and emotional toll... Read More

5 tips for creating a sparkling living space this summer
(BPT) - The warmer months offer a great opportunity to refresh your living space and create a sparkling clean home for months to come.Because of their eco-friendly nature and versatility, steam cleaners have grown in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. Superheated steam can clean, sani... Read More

It's time to focus on whole person health
(BPT) - The COVID-19 pandemic has shined much needed light on 'whole person health' by highlighting the correlation between behavioral health and overall wellness. Many people with behavioral health challenges experienced worsening symptoms throughout the pandemic, while others struggled with condi... Read More

5 expert tips to help family caregivers living with osteoarthritis
(BPT) - Did you know that one in five American adults are unpaid caregivers? That means approximately 53 million people actively care for family members or friends, most often because that loved one simply needs daily care. If you're one of them, you know that taking care of someone else can be phy... Read More

How to keep 1.4 billion bottles out of landfills every year
(BPT) - No one enjoys seeing plastic floating in lakes and streams. No one likes seeing it crushed and filthy on the roadside. Almost everywhere it ends up, plastic waste is unwelcome. Even at the recycling plant.The EPA reports less than 10% of plastics in the United States get recycled. Some plas... Read More

How a new technology is bringing dialysis to the home
(BPT) - Despite being a kidney disease patient for over 30 years, Dick Henry and his wife and care partner Liz still try to participate in their favorite pastimes like travel and golf. However, over the last five years, Dick struggled to enjoy his life to the fullest because of his seven-day-a-week... Read More

Potential new options for those living with primary biliary cholangitis (PBC)
(BPT) - Do you have primary biliary cholangitis or know somebody who does? If so, you know that people living with PBC, a chronic, serious and potentially life-threatening liver disease, are frequently challenged by symptoms of their disease, including pruritus (itching) and fatigue,1 which may be ... Read More

Don’t let spring and summer heat affect vaginal health
(BPT) - 4 tips from Yale OB/GYN Mary Jane Minkin, M.D.With spring upon us and summer on the horizon, increasing temperatures, and time spent outside swimming, cycling, walking and running can all affect vaginal health. Sweat and moisture around the vulva, the outside skin surrounding the vagina, ca... Read More

5 ultra-easy self-care tips for busy women
(BPT) - The start of warmer months means everyone is ramping up their schedules. Between work, kids, social lives, family and more, prioritizing your own mental, emotional and physical health can easily fall down the daily to-do list. It's not always easy to put yourself first, but addressing aspec... Read More

Your weekend, your time: 5 great tips for shaking the Sunday blues
(BPT) - Do you sometimes find yourself feeling less than optimistic as your weekend draws to a close each Sunday? If so, you're far from alone. Stats recently published on indicate 81% of workers have experienced the "Sunday scaries" in anticipation of the work week ahead. Still, it's impor... Read More

Medicare Enrollment Basics [Infographic]
(BPT) - Timing matters when you are considering your Medicare options. When you turn 65 or otherwise become eligible for Medicare, enrollment windows open. Some close quickly and you could face penalties if you wait too long to make a decision. After you've registered for the first time, there are ... Read More

The State of Depression in the US [Infographic]
(BPT) - The mental health crisis is a public health emergency that cannot be ignored. After COVID-19, Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) - a mood disorder where depressive symptoms can last consistently for at least a two-week period and affect all aspects of someone's life - may be one of the most pr... Read More

Are your IBS symptoms more challenging to manage than they were a year ago? You're not alone
(BPT) - If you live with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), does it seem like your symptoms have not improved in the last 12 months? According to recent survey results, this has been the experience for many adults living with IBS. This data comes from a recent Salix-sponsored survey of more than 700 I... Read More

How you can support your body before, during and after exercise
(BPT) - Any form of exercise benefits your body, and you don't have to be an elite athlete to experience those benefits. Just moving your body impacts your muscles, lungs, heart and brain - in other words, your entire body."The moment you decide to get up and move, your body is working. Any movemen... Read More

5 easy tips for giving Mom the gift of self-care for Mother’s Day
(BPT) - Your mother has done so much for you and your family, often putting everyone else's needs before her own. This Mother's Day, help remind your mom that self-care isn't selfish - by finding her gifts that encourage her to put her own health and wellness first. And if you're a mom, take time o... Read More

4 simple tips to ensure cleaner, safer drinking water at home
(BPT) - Clean drinking water is easy to take for granted - especially at home, where many assume it can be obtained with the simple turn of the faucet. But as you enjoy that cold glass of water, you may be missing subtle signals that it's time to get your home's water supply tested.Over the last de... Read More

Technology inspires radical change thanks to visionary social entrepreneurs
(BPT) - Wireless is at the heart of modern life, and 5G - the fifth generation of wireless - has the potential to transform how people connect and inspire change in their communities. Social entrepreneurs are recognizing the opportunity to influence the greater good through these new 5G networks, t... Read More

Discover the remarkable healing power of therapy cats
(BPT) - You're probably familiar with therapy dogs visiting hospitals, schools, senior centers and nursing homes to help alleviate stress and provide comfort in times of need. But did you know that time spent with therapy cats provides scientifically proven emotional benefits as well? A white paper... Read More

5 health benefits of eating the whole egg
(BPT) - Many of us enjoy adding eggs to our daily diets, appreciating the fact that they're nutritious, satisfying and delicious in a wide variety of sweet and savory dishes.Still, some people may be missing out on the full nutritional value from their eggs by leaving the yolks out of their recipes... Read More

Ready to jumpstart your STEM career? A biological sciences or biochemistry degree can help
(BPT) - If you haven't considered a STEM career, now may be the time to explore your options. Advancements in recent years have highlighted the need for positions in science and medicine, resulting in an industry boom and a growing job market for potential STEM program graduates.Two burgeoning care... Read More

2022 State of Science Index
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The value of culturally competent care: How centering health equity can improve quality and lower costs
(BPT) - By Daniel Sanchez, Director Diversity, Inclusion & Health Equity, UpHealthAs our healthcare system emerges from the COVID pandemic, the price of medical care is continuing to skyrocket. Care remains the number one driver of overall healthcare costs.Efforts to maintain quality while redu... Read More

Let’s play catch-up on routine childhood vaccinations
(BPT) - For many of us, life over the past two years has been anything but routine. We missed out on playdates, reunions with loved ones, in-person school activities, sports - in some cases, even our children's regular doctor visits, putting them at risk of not being up to date on their routine vac... Read More

New tools to detect cancer recurrence: What cancer patients need to know
(BPT) - Without a doubt, cancer is one of the scariest diagnoses anyone may face, typically triggering a roller coaster of emotions - from fear and anxiety to anger and sadness - and sending families into turmoil. But thanks to major advances in cancer treatment, survival rates are increasing, and ... Read More

Smile! How to invest in your confidence by elevating your oral health
(BPT) - When you get dressed in the morning, do you smile in the mirror and like what you see? Your teeth are part of your overall well-being and have the power to change how you look and feel. Having a solid oral health routine enables you to look and feel your best with a brighter, whiter smile. ... Read More

Ongoing research study could help children with rare form of epilepsy
(BPT) - Did you know that over 65 million people worldwide have some form of epilepsy?What is epilepsy?Epilepsy is defined as having unprovoked seizures, which are sudden surges of uncontrolled electrical activity in the brain. These seizures can be brief lapses of attention, episodes of involuntar... Read More

What is it like to grow up with a rare endocrine disorder?
(BPT) - Being diagnosed with a rare disease presents unique challenges for patients and caregivers alike. From symptom management to feelings of isolation, growing up and living with a rare disease can be difficult. In some cases, it can even be difficult to find doctors who specialize in treating ... Read More

Employer health care costs are lowered by increased transparency and employee engagement
(BPT) - In an extensive analysis of patient claims data, health plan member engagement has emerged as employers' single best-practice solution for controlling costs and improving outcomes for their employees.In the fifth joint white paper by the Health Action Council and UnitedHealthcare, a compreh... Read More

How a new innovation can help improve diabetes care
(BPT) - Denver native Matt Callis has a busy, active lifestyle to balance, and he doesn't want his diabetes to interfere with either enjoying time playing with his young kids or riding his motorcycle. Like the 37.3 million other people in the U.S. who have diabetes[i], Matt relies on available ther... Read More

Acute myeloid leukemia in first remission? Learn about an important treatment option today
(BPT) - For the more than 20,000 patients diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in the U.S. each year, managing and coping with disease symptoms can be incredibly difficult.AML, a rare blood cancer, causes the buildup of abnormal white blood cells in the bone marrow, which can interfere with ... Read More

3 ways to make your oral care routine more sustainable
(BPT) - More people are looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of everyday habits and actions, and some companies are helping them do just that. Did you know sustainability actions can include your oral care habits and the oral care products you use daily, like your toothbrush and toot... Read More

Healthcare’s obligation to fight climate change
(BPT) - By Kees Wesdorp, Chief Business Leader, Precision Diagnosis at PhilipsAs we contemplate our planet's health on Earth Day, we are mindful of the unique set of challenges the healthcare industry faces in expanding access to care while developing more sustainable technology and systems. With m... Read More

Maintaining Conversations with Your Care Team About Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease
(BPT) - Sponsored and Developed by Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc.Receiving a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease (PD) can be a life-changing event, and navigating care options throughout the course of this neurodegenerative disorder can be overwhelming for people with PD and their loved ones. A PD diagn... Read More

Technology Paving the Way to a Better Life for All
(BPT) - Today, technology plays a pivotal role in the way people work, play, learn and live. To ensure that everyone, regardless of age, disability or lifestyle, can reap the benefits of the latest advancements, leading tech companies are developing new solutions to make their sophisticated product... Read More

Are you at risk for colorectal cancer?
(BPT) - Five years ago, LuAnn Valentino was given just an 11% chance of survival.At just 53 years of age, she had been diagnosed with colon cancer during her first colonoscopy. With colorectal cancer being the third leading cause of cancer and one of the most common causes of cancer death, the diag... Read More

5 ways science and nature can benefit wellness
(BPT) - Authored and Sponsored by NateanIn recent years, wellness has become more top of mind for many of us. Our wellbeing is directly affected by the choices we make such as how we work, travel, decompress and care for our bodies. Because of this it is important to ensure our daily routines prior... Read More

Common misconceptions about U.S. water infrastructure
(BPT) - Most Americans don't often think about where their water comes from and how it gets to their taps. When you turn on a faucet, wash clothes or start the shower, you expect water to be there when you need it. However, this is only possible thanks to water utility workers maintaining an aging ... Read More

Straining to read the fine print? Here are 3 things you can do
(BPT) - It starts in your 40s: Suddenly you're having trouble reading smaller print on the computer, electronic devices and books. You feel frustrated holding a menu farther from your face to make out blurry letters. You may even get headaches as you strain to read print that just seems smaller tha... Read More

Managing Thyroid Eye Disease (TED): One woman's journey to regain her sight
(BPT) - Meet Franka - a 74-year-old retired high school teacher who enjoys volunteering, teaching in her retirement community, and exploring Arizona's local art scene. But a few years ago, Franka struggled to see the art she loved, as her vision was affected by Thyroid Eye Disease (TED), a rare aut... Read More

Are you prepared for spring allergens? 6 tips for managing allergy triggers
(BPT) - Many people are looking forward to the warmer months ahead, but spring means allergies for many Americans. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, more than 50 million Americans experience various types of allergy symptoms every year including:SneezingItchy eyesA runny no... Read More

It’s time to take control of your liver health
(BPT) - World Liver Day on April 19 serves two purposes. For patients and health care professionals that have been touched by liver diseases like hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), it's a moment in time to reflect on the severity of these diseases and highlight the importance of self-awareness on a he... Read More

Smart travel snack ideas for the whole family
(BPT) - After limiting travel for the past two years, people are now ready to satisfy their wanderlust. Whether it's travel by air, sea or land, the journey to the destination can be part of the adventure, and it's important to pack delicious foods to fuel you during your travels."Part of successfu... Read More

Make moon milks a part of your self-care rituals
(BPT) - Your well-being is a priority no matter your age, but the busier life gets, the more self-care is often overlooked for other to-do's. In 2022, there's a growing movement to refocus on the importance of self-care and incorporate things that bring comfort into your daily routine.Start shiftin... Read More

Celebrity makeup artist shares 5 secrets to feeling fresh this spring
(BPT) - With springtime comes a sense of renewal. Each new season creates an opportunity to check in on your beauty routine and make updates that help you put your best self forward.'Getting into a spring state of mind isn't just about good glam,' said celebrity makeup artist Priscilla Ono. 'Spring... Read More

Nonprofit Funds Research to Fight Against Childhood Cancer [Video]
Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. var bptVideoPlayer = document.getElementById("bptVideoPlayer"); if (bptVideoPlayer) { var cssText = "width: 100%;"; cssText += " background: url('" + bptVideoPlayer.getAttribute("poster") + "');"; cssText += " -webkit-backgrou... Read More

Calling all bearded men who are making the world a better place
(BPT) - Do you take as much pride in bettering your community as you do in bettering your beard? If so, now's your chance to put that good grooming toward goodwill.Men's grooming leader Wahl is looking to reward guys who are doing good, while looking good. The Wahl 'Benevolent Beards' Contest will ... Read More

Put a spring in your step with these energy-boosting tips
(BPT) - Days are getting longer, temps are warming up, and you have lots of plans - but do you lack the energy to make them happen? After spending winter mostly indoors, it can be tough to transition to the change in seasons. Fortunately, simple meal and snack swaps, plus new approaches to your exe... Read More

How you can help find a cure for Parkinson’s
(BPT) - Did you know, whether you have Parkinson's or not, you can make a difference in the future of brain health? Michael J. Fox, award-winning actor, author and founder of The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research (MJFF), who himself has lived with the disease since 1991 at age 29, ... Read More

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